Toilet Cleaning Gel

Everyone wants to have a clean and nice bathroom in a few minutes. This of the easiest way how to keep your toilet clean, by simply using the Toilet Cleaning Gel.

The clever dispenser sticks a disc of cleaning gel to the side under the rim of your toilet bowl. With every flush it keeps your toilet clean and fresh. There is no need to touch the gel with your hands, making cleaning discs more hygienic than traditional Under The Rim cleaners.

Great invention for the toilet last up to 7 days and in one pack you can find 6 discs. This means you will have a fresh toilet bowl for over the month. Get it now, available from all major supermarkets:
Asda- £2.00
Tesco- £3.49
Waitrose- £3.49
Sainsbury’s- £3.49
Ocado- £3.49
or buy it online:

Directions how to use the Toilet Cleaning Gel:

Magic eraser!

Every home should have a Magic Eraser, the secret weapon of modern home-makers everywhere. The ‘secret’ ingredient in the Magic Eraser is a material called melamine foam. With a little bit of water, this amazing sponge can destroy stains that other cleaning products can’t. The only disadvantage is that melamine foam does wear very quickly so you need to replace your Magic Eraser fairly frequently.It is the easy way to clean stains, marks from your walls, cupboards, fridges, tables. Even you can use Magic eraser to clean dirty bags, shoes. It is effective on glass, plastic, wood, metal, paited surfaces. It is the simple way how to clean you house.

It offers an easy way to clean stains, remove marks from your walls, cupboards, fridges and tables. You can even use the Magic eraser to clean dirty bags and shoes. It is effective on glass, plastic, wood, metal as well as painted surfaces. It’s a really simple tool that can make a huge difference to your cleaning routine.

Check out this website to and to read more about the Magic Eraser and buy one now:http://  The Magic Eraser is one of their best sellers, largely because it has the very best reviews.
The Brighton Cleaning Company recommends you get one today. It really does make your life easier!

How to clean pet urine

Free tips how to remove pet urine from the carpet.

Step 1. If your pet has recently urinated on your carpet, absorb the urine with a paper towel or with an ordinary towel if easier. Try to soak up as much of the urine as possible.

Step 2. Fill a bucket with a solution of white vinegar and hot water, preferably half vinegar / half water. Apply this with a sponge to the area where your pet has urinated, as it will help to get rid of stains and bad smell. Once you have given the area a good clean, leave to dry.

Step 3. Once dry, apply some baking soda to the affected area of carpet. Mix a quarter of a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and put a little bit over the baking soda. Don’t use peroxide stronger than 3%! We advise you do this wearing protective gloves to protect your skin.

Step 4. Give the carpet a good scrub again and then leave to dry. Once you are happy that the stains and smell have been ousted, vacuum the carpet. That’s it! It’s as simple as that. Enjoy your clean carpet and get that pet trained…!

That’s it! It is simple like that. Enjoy your clean carpet!

How to clean an oven

Over time all ovens become greasy and dirt can ‘bake on’ to the oven shelves and the oven door. If your oven is full of grease, use ordinary dish washing soap to clean it. If you have cleaning spray, spray that on the grease 
and wait a few minutes. After that DO NOT USE HOT WATER! If you use hot water, you’ll find you get bubbles everywhere. It’s far more effective than if you then wipe away the grease using cold water. If needs to be scrubbed very gently to remove the grease and dirt. 
If you can find the time to do this regularly, your oven will stay fresh, clean and efficient. If you can’t… call us before the grease really takes over!

Do you have a bad smell in your oven? Don’t worry: we know exactly what to
 do. Squeeze the juice from two or three lemons on to a baking dish and bake it for 35 minutes
 at 200 degrees. Our oven cleaning team promise that your oven will have
 a wonderful lemony smell afterwards!

Can’t see through the oven door because the window’s cloudy? The Brighton Cleaning Company always cleans oven glass 
by using lemon juice mixed with baking soda. Squeeze two lemons into a bowl, add some baking soda, and mix until you have formed a paste. ‘Paint’ the paste on the oven door 
and leave it for one hour to work its magic. Scrub the paste off very gently and you will have clean and shiny oven 
door again. We know, because we’ve done it!

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How to Remove Underarm Stains

It is not enough to wash your clothes and to expect that armpit stains will disappear. You will need something more. The Brighton cleaners use the white vinegar. Just spray it on the underarm stain, leave it for an hour and wash it as usual. This is certainly a great tip that will transform your daily cleaning, and is a great way to remove a variety of stains.

Also, you can use vinegar as stain remover if you have:

1. Tomato marks;

2. Coffee/tea stains;

3. Wine stains;

4. Mustard stains;

5. Grease marks;

6. Grass/ink marks;

Read more here:

Remove iron stains today!

If your old iron has brown stains on the bottom, use lemon. One of The Brighton Cleaning Company service is ironing, so the best advice, which we can give you is to rub the lemon juice on the marks on the iron, then clean it with a cloth and start to iron your clothes without any worries.
It’s an easy and cheap way to have a new iron again. If you would like to know more about it or to get more tips where to use lemon or any further cleaning advice CALL US anytime.

Smell of mould in your wardrobe

The main problem with the closets is that there is no air circulation, so it is very hard to keep wardrobes clean and fresh. For that reason, your clothes could get a bad smell too. One of The Brighton Cleaners advice is to put in your wardrobe charcoal, which helps to get rid of bad smell. Place charcoal in each corner of your closet. It will absorb and prevent from a nasty musty smell.

If you do not want to try charcoal, use baking soda! Get a few packs of it and place it in your wardrobe. Simply crack the boxes open and leave it for several weeks (if necessary for several months). It will absorb the bad smell.

Also, baking soda is good for your washing machine. If you have a bad smell in the machine or your washed clothes still smell like dirty socks, simply put it in the tray and turn on washing machine. Do not put clothes while your using the baking soda, set the machine to rinse without things inside.

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Clean kettle

Like to drink tea or coffee? But have a scaly nightmare in your kettle? Unable to enjoy a nice morning cup of tea with your family. All this can change with The Brighton Cleaning Company’s advice you will remove all the bad things clogging up your kettle. Cover the element of the kettle with white vinegar, boil it and leave it overnight. You will have an amazing ‘cuppa’ of tea in the morning. Very simple and easy.

Clean a microwave by yourself!

You will need white vinegar and water to clean inside your microwave. This simple method will make your life easier. Try it!

Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5-10 minutes. When it’s stopped heating, leave the door closed for a few minutes, steams will disolve all stains in your microwave. After that take a hot bowl carefuly and wipe with a moist cloth moist. This method will helps freshen things up as well.

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