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This is where we share all of our best secrets, tips and general know-how when it comes to all things cleaning in Brighton. As much as we love cleaning, we want to share what we’re learning with you so that you can keep your home a healthy and happy one. We’d also love to hear from you if you have any magical cleaning solutions that you’d like to share with the world. Old family secret? Newly discovered technique? Contact our team at The Brighton Cleaning Company and let us share in your cleaning wisdom!

Steam Cleaner

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

Dear Client,

We would like to inform that we have a new member of our team. Please allow us to intoduce the Steam Cleaner! This new fellow is multitask tool. From now on, we will be providing even more professional and more high quality cleaning services to you!

LG’s The Styler Clothes Closets

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

Modern world brings modern technology to our houses. One of these inventions is The Styler created by LG. It is a new gadget to keep your clothes washed, ironed and steamed with no effort at all.

The Styler doesn’t use any chemical detergents instead uses a steam. The moving hangers gets rid of wrinkles and steam kills all germs and refreshes clothes.

10 Best Cleaning Tips

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

1. Red Wine Stains

Foaming shaving cream will do a job! Simple and cheap. Put on the stain and keep it for an hour or so. Wipe it down after;

2. Cleaning Shower

The best advice to get into the shower before having a wash. Clean it and enjoy your well deserved shower. No need to worry about cleaning products getting on your clothes or strong detargents getting on your carpet;

Laundry Symbols on Clothing

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

Washable Wash at or below 30 degrees

How to Clean Mould?

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

How to remove mould is the most common question we have from our clients. For that reason, The Brighton Cleaning Company would like to share some good and useful tips with YOU.
We always think that harsh chemicals are the best way to treat something horrible and smelly. Many people use bleach, sponges.

Instant Hot Water Tap

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

The boiling water tap.

Once you get one, you will ask yourself why you didn’t get one earlier. Instant hot water tap makes big difference in the house. You won’t need a kettle and the most important thing you won’t need to wait to boil the water. It will speads things up in your kitchen. It is superb for making a cup of tea, coffee, preparing meals like pasta, rice, potatoes etc. Also, useful for defrosting food, sterilizing dishes, cutleries, removing labels, loosing jar lids or cleaning iteams without strong chemicals. All done in one moment with 100 degrees!

The Brighton Cleaning Company

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

There is nothing better than to have a regular cleaning on a weekly basic. To keep your home tidy is one of the hardest and time consuming thing. Don’t stress out about it and hire a cleaning company instead. They will do all hard work for you. You will be surpised how clean you home […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Voucher

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

Gift Voucher.

Make Valentine’s Day speacial to your loved one. The Brighton Cleaning Company gift voucher is the best way to treat someone who you love and care. We offer from “One off cleaning” to “Regular cleaning”. So give your partner a nice break and arrange a home cleaning for her/him

Essential Cleaning Product List

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

1. Housekeeping caddy. To keep all supplies in.
2. Hoover. Suitable for floor and carpet.

How to Clean Tea Stains in Cup

Posted 14 December 2016 by brighton

People drink, on average, four cups of tea a day in UK. Eventually, cups will get stained, so get an idea how to clean a tea stain if you are one of these people who enjoy english tea.

Everything what you need you will find at home. Simply, take some salt, white vinegar, warm water and cloths.

Spring Cleaning!

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Spring cleaning is an old tradion, which “pushes” people to get rid off cuttler, unnecessary things and to clean top to bottom houses. As a professional cleaning company we would like to give some spring cleaning tips. First of all, focus on areas, which haven’t been cleaned for a while and…

Cleaning with Dish Soap

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

You might be surpise that ordinary dish soap can be used not only to clean dishes. It is an efective and useful for other places in your house.
1. Floor! Perfect for mopping, 2 tablespoons in a bucket with cold water will leave your floor shiny and clean.

P.S. test before use on a small area, floors might be slippy after.

Pink Stain in Bathroom

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Pink Stain in Sink or Shower.

Pink stains in your bathroom can be caused by many different reasons. For that reason you need to do a little it of research to find out your issue.

Choosing a Hoover

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Buying a vacuum.

Hoover is one of the most important household appliances. If you are on the hunt for the best prices or deals than the best way is to spend a little bit more time to reading reviews and articles of different brands and models you are interested in.

Cleaning is a Therapy

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Cleaning your home could be a new therapy.

Females who clean their houses feel more in control of their lives and more happy. 2012 statistics shown 7 out of 10 felt depressed if their house/flat was dirty. Also, females couldn’t leave messy property without worrying about it. As a result it caused a lot of stress!

Things Made From Recycled Material

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Pet bottles are made of bottles again and for they are used for interiors for cars, filling for sleeping bags and jackets, fleece sweatshirt etc.

From mixed plastics (films, bags, various plastic packaging such as from shampoos, yogurt cups) are produced noise barriers along the highway or materials that resemble wood. Of mixed plastics are also produced benches, decks, playgrounds, windows or even plastic roofing.

What to Do With Shrunken Clothes

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

We all experienced this. By mistake you throw some woolen sweater or a nice blouse in the washich machine and when you take it out it is a hardly a size for a five year old child. But there is a chance to make this better!

How to Ventilate at Home

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

According to the surveys we spend 90% of our time in the indoors. More than half of that time at home. So we definitely should care about air we breathe there. When we wash, cook or dry clothes at home our place is getting wet and it can have wrong affect to our health.

How to Clean LCD Display

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

LCD display on the desktop monitor or laptop can get dirty from different stains and fingerprints. What is most suitable cleaning way?

Displays in monitors or laptops cannot be cleaned with chemically aggressive cleaning products or products for classical old monitors. This could damage anti-reflective layer on the surface of the monitor. Never force cleaning of your monitor.

How to Remove Blood Stains

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

One of the most frequent stains are blood stain especially when we’re talking about children. If you do not want to buy a special cleaning products that will guarantee 100% success with any type of stain then following lines are just for you.

What To Do If You Drop Your iPhone In Water

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

The biggest enemy of electronics is water. No doubt about that. Even if your iPhone, iPad or iPod falls into the water there’s still a chance of saving it. There are simple steps for your phone, tablet etc. Personally I believe it is worth to come to Apple store and have it checked by experts. You will not be the first or the last person with this problem.

How to Clean Converse Shoes

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

90% of best-selling shoe brand Converse belongs to a series Chuck Taylor ALL STAR which are characterized by their surface made of fabric with white rubber toe.
All these Converse shoes are made from high quality fabrics including shoes in printed with various comic book series or music collection of shoes. Printing is high-quality so there will be no damage here. So how to clean your Converse shoes?

The Ocean Cleanup

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

The Best ideas are usually the simplest. That confirms Dutch engineering student Boyan Slat (19) who introduced his concept of floating booms for seas and oceans.

Types of Mattresses

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

According to surveys, 45% of people sleep about eight hours a day. Quality and healthy sleep is the source of true rest which is essential for regenerative processes.

The base of each bed is particularly good mattress. Currently you can choose from several types of foam mattresses.

How to Get Rid of Odors at Home

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

In order to make work easier we are willing to try almost anything. Sometimes these advices look crazy at first glance but it can really work.

How to Get Chewing Gum off Clothes

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

I am sure you are facing troubles with stains on your clothes. Very annoying is also chewing gum.


The easiest way is to freeze chewing gum. Put your clothes in the freezer and let it freeze for a while. After you take it out you will be able to peel it off easily.

How To Clean Leather Furniture

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Cleaning the leather sofa is one of the most difficult tasks for several reasons. Leather is natural material that is used for chair and sofas. Usually is specially treated and dyed. It must be cleaned and “impregnated”.

How to Clean Glasses

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Getting rid of stains and smudges on common glass is not complicated at all. You need just water, washing liquid and vinegar. It seems that vinegar really works for everything!

Never put your luxury glass in the dishwasher because it could scratch and ruin. Only cheap and ordinary glasses belong to the dishwasher.

How to Clean Dust from Laptop

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Usually there is a lot of dust in your laptop and then it becomes noisier and it overheats. A lot of dust in the laptop can cause failure of cooling fan.

How to Clean a Tie

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

There’s a place for a tie in our wardrobes for more than 350 years. What if you accidentally stain our tie? Try our advices:

Few Tips for Kitchen

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Natural cleaning products can sometimes do great services. Gentle but effective enviromental cleaning is not just environmentally friendly, but also much cheap.

Old School Tested Cleaning Tips For Floor

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

In The Brighton Cleaning Company we like using well tested ways which were helping for years and years so why not you? Furniture and Floor If you need to get rid of fingerprints on the varnished wooden furniture or laminate floor try cold black tea! For dust in on the walls and shelves try mixture […]

3 Crazy Cleaning Inventions

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Do you remember when we were talking about cleaning inventions? Here are three other ones.

How to Remove Hair Dye from Carpet

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Have you ever spilled a little hair color on your carpet? It does happen in the bathroom and it is much easier to clean it there. If this accident happen you must act quickly! Did you come for an advice how to clean old stain? Well, it still can work!

How to Clean With Vinegar

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

It is a miracle for your home. It cleans stains, water stone and it is best natural cleaner. Distilled vinegar creates an environment that inhibits the growth of mold and certain types of bacteria. This multifunctional cleaner you can get if you stir half a cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda in two liters of water.

5 Things You Can Clean With Lemon

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Lemon? Have you heard about cleaning with lemon? No? It used to be very traditional and it still works. Lemon – very useful especially when you use it together with salt 1. Kitchen Unit – Soak half of lemon in baking soda and use it for kitchen unit. Then wipe it with a wet sponge. […]

How to Clean Different Stains

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

In commercials we always see people who are able to clean every spot in few seconds and it seems like nothing ever happened but it usually takes a little bit more time.

How to Get Rid of Dust

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Dust is everywhere and the worst thing is that you cannot really see it. It lives with you and there is no way how to get rid of it for good. We’re going to tell you how to fight a dust and why.

How to Get Rid of Smell in Washing Machine

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Do you usually wash at 30 or 15 degrees? I guess your laundry is safe but sometimes you can smell an unpleasant odor from your washing machine. Expensive washing powder will not help you.

How to Remove Pet Hair

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Once you have a dog at home you’ll probably have its hair all over your place. Getting rid of dog hair isn’t always so easy.

You must have really good vacuum cleaner otherwise it takes ages before you are done. But choose carefully because some brushes can easily damage your sofa!

How to Clean Red Wine on Carpet

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

This can happen to everyone and you don’t no need to worry about it because there’re several ways how to get rid of spilled wine on your carpet. Some people recommend to buy “Wine Away” but not everyone has it at home. I prefer this way because you don’t need anything special.

Kitchen Sponge Holder

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Keep your kitchen things neat and tidy with the kitchen accessories, which reduce the chaos and brings the beauty to the kitchen decor.  With the right cleaning products and tools your, the most important area in the property, will look lovely, will smell refreshing and will be germs free. One of the best ideas is to […]

Clean with Coca- Cola!

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

According to 2012 annual report Coca- Cola sells 1.7 billion cans every day. You could be one of the buyers, but even more smarter than others. Get coca-cola, but use it for cleaning! You might think it sounds ridiculous, but you will never know if you don’t try.

Protect Your Clothes Against Colour Bleeds

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

The white shirt or sweeter change the colour? Turned into pink when it was white? Probably it had happened to everyone, the load of laundry change the colour because of dark, colourful clothes which you didn’t see in the washing machine.

An Amazing Cleaning Inventions

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

1.A little USB hoover can collect all dusts, bread crumbs from your kyeboard keys. The quick way to to your daily cleaning. The retro style little vacuum cleaner plugs into computer. Long lead let’s to reach even the corners of your table.

Non- Sticky Coat!

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

A new technology soon will change The Brighton Cleaning Copmany. There won’t be left cleaning for any cleaning company in Brighton.

The Interesting Facts About Cleaning

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Did you know:

• that your kitchen sink is the dirtiest place in your property. It is ten time more dirty that the toilet. Germs left over from food are more serious than people thought. The most important thing is to spray the antibacterial spray and leave it at least for 15 minutes, scrub it and wipe with the clean cloth!

Little Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Posted 15 December 2016 by brighton

Let your child join in house-cleaning fun! Little cheery, red face with the friendly smile Henry Hoover, will become a family friend.

Jet Wash Decking in Brighton!

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Here is a video of us pressure wash decking in Brighton. We offer a great decking and patio cleaning service in Brighton, check out the video below to see what we can do!

A New Member of The Brighton Cleaning Company

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

The Nissan S-Cargo (The Tin Snail) a small retro style van. The van was introduced in 1989 and only 12,000 were manufactured in Japan. It is an attention- grabbing vechile, which was used by McDonald’s and KFC as a mobile billboard advert.

Swiffer Hand Duster

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Make your dusting fun with Swiffer hand duster. Thousands of fibers lock and keep dust and allergens better than other duster or wet cloths.The extender handle helps to reach the places which you couldn’t do before.

Clean a microwave by yourself!

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

You will need white vinegar and water to clean inside your microwave. This simple method will make your life easier. Try it!

Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5-10 minutes. When it’s stopped heating, leave the door closed for a few minutes, steams will disolve all stains in your microwave. After that take a hot bowl carefuly and wipe with a moist cloth moist. This method will helps freshen things up as

Clean kettle

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Like to drink tea or coffee? But have a scaly nightmare in your kettle? Unable to enjoy a nice morning cup of tea with your family. All this can change with The Brighton Cleaning Company’s advice you will remove all the bad things clogging up your kettle.

Smell of mould in your wardrobe

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

The main problem with the closets is that there is no air circulation, so it is very hard to keep wardrobes clean and fresh. For that reason, your clothes could get a bad smell too. One of The Brighton Cleaners advice is to put in your wardrobe charcoal, which helps to get rid of bad smell. Place charcoal in each corner of your closet. It will absorb and prevent from a nasty musty smell.

Remove iron stains today!

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

If your old iron has brown stains on the bottom, use lemon. One of The Brighton Cleaning Company service is ironing, so the best advice, which we can give you is to rub the lemon juice on the marks on the iron, then clean it with a cloth and start to iron your clothes without any worries.

How to Remove Underarm Stains

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

It is not enough to wash your clothes and to expect that armpit stains will disappear. You will need something more. The Brighton cleaners use the white vinegar. Just spray it on the underarm stain, leave it for an hour and wash it as usual. This is certainly a great tip that will transform your daily cleaning, and is a great way to remove a variety of stains.

White rings on the table

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Have a white ring on the coffee table from hot cup of tea or coffee? Don’t worry! The Brighton Cleaning Company recommends to use mayonnaise. Sounds funnily? But it is the perfect way to clean it. Just rub mayonnaise onto the white ring and leave overnihgt. Wipe it next morning. We promise that you won’t see any white marks on your table.

How to clean an oven

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Over time all ovens become greasy and dirt can ‘bake on’ to the oven shelves and the oven door. If your oven is full of grease, use ordinary dish washing soap to clean it. If you have cleaning spray, spray that on the grease 
and wait a few minutes. After that DO NOT USE HOT WATER! If you use hot water, you’ll find you get bubbles everywhere. It’s far more effective than if you then wipe away the grease using cold water.

How to clean pet urine

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Free tips how to remove pet urine from the carpet.

Step 1. If your pet has recently urinated on your carpet, absorb the urine with a paper towel or with an ordinary towel if easier. Try to soak up as much of the urine as possible.

Step 2. Fill a bucket with a solution of white vinegar and hot water, preferably half vinegar / half water. Apply this with a sponge to the area where your pet has urinated, as it will help to get rid of stains and bad smell. Once you have given the area a good clean, leave to dry.

Magic eraser!

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Every home should have a Magic Eraser, the secret weapon of modern home-makers everywhere. The ‘secret’ ingredient in the Magic Eraser is a material called melamine foam. With a little bit of water, this amazing sponge can destroy stains that other cleaning products can’t. The only disadvantage is that melamine foam does wear very quickly so you need to replace your Magic Eraser fairly frequently.It is the easy way to clean stains, marks from your walls, cupboards, fridges, tables. Even you can use Magic eraser to clean dirty bags, shoes. It is effective on glass, plastic, wood, metal, paited surfaces. It is the simple way how to clean you house.

Toilet Cleaning Gel

Posted 16 December 2016 by brighton

Everyone wants to have a clean and nice bathroom in a few minutes. This of the easiest way how to keep your toilet clean, by simply using the Toilet Cleaning Gel.

The clever dispenser sticks a disc of cleaning gel to the side under the rim of your toilet bowl. With every flush it keeps your toilet clean and fresh. There is no need to touch the gel with your hands, making cleaning discs more hygienic than traditional Under The Rim cleaners.

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