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This is where we share all of our best secrets, tips and general know-how when it comes to all things cleaning in Brighton. As much as we love cleaning, we want to share what we’re learning with you so that you can keep your home a healthy and happy one. We’d also love to hear from you if you have any magical cleaning solutions that you’d like to share with the world. Old family secret? Newly discovered technique? Contact our team at The Brighton Cleaning Company and let us share in your cleaning wisdom!

Clean with Coca- Cola!

According to 2012 annual report Coca- Cola sells 1.7 billion cans every day. You could be one of the buyers, but even more smarter than others. Get coca-cola, but use it for cleaning! You might think it sounds ridiculous, but you will never know if you don’t try.

Where to use and what to clean with coke? It is an easy question for The Brighton Cleaning Copmany. We do know that this sweet drink is an excellent cleaning product and can be used in a variety ways.

It is a wonderful rust buster. Find a small object which needs to be de- rusted and soak it in coca- cola overnight. Just scrub it well in the morning and your chosen thing will be like a new. Simple, easy and health friendly way to clean.

Maybe you went for a long drive with friends? Loads of bugs, dirt on the car window? Don’t worry get a can of coca- cola! Pour over the car window and rub with a damp cloth. The citric acid which coke has will do the job for you. Furthermore, it will be the cheapest way to clean and every single shop will have a coke. You will never be stuck with the dirty car windows on the road.

Coca- cola is a perfect cleaning product for pots. If you over- cooked something and you got black film on the bottom of pot and lazy to clean it straight away, don’t get upset. Enjoy your dinner and do it later, because you will need just a can of coke afterwards. Fill the pot with the drink and put on the heat for an hour, clean as usually after.

Furthermore, coke is a stain remover! One of its main ingredients, phosphoric acid, makes the drink a stain fighter. Pour a coke with regular detergent and wash clothes. The grease, blood, wine, food stains will come off immediately.

The sweet drink which children love is not only for drinking, it could be used for cleaning as well. Try one of these methonds and let The Brighton Cleaning Company to know if it work. If not we come to do the job for you.

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