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How to Clean LCD Display

LCD display on the desktop monitor or laptop can get dirty from different stains and fingerprints. What is most suitable cleaning way?

Displays in monitors or laptops cannot be cleaned with chemically aggressive cleaning products or products for classical old monitors. This could damage anti-reflective layer on the surface of the monitor. Never force cleaning of your monitor.

Clean it like professionals: Add a little bit of washing liquid to lukewarm water, mix it and with with micro fiber cloth gently clean your display. With such a cloth you will be able to remove the fiercest spots without any pressure. When you think that display is clean enough just wipe it gently with a dry paper towel.

If you do not dare to use even bit of washing liquid then try water with vinegar 50/50.

There are of course cleaning products – sprays only for LCD screens so if you will choose one of these ways you should be fine!

Never use paper towels, toilet paper or anything else. Just micro fiber cloth. Even paper can scratch the monitor.

Do not use cleaning products with ammonia or alcohol.
For your phone: Use only water!

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