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This is where we share all of our best secrets, tips and general know-how when it comes to all things cleaning in Brighton. As much as we love cleaning, we want to share what we’re learning with you so that you can keep your home a healthy and happy one. We’d also love to hear from you if you have any magical cleaning solutions that you’d like to share with the world. Old family secret? Newly discovered technique? Contact our team at The Brighton Cleaning Company and let us share in your cleaning wisdom!

How to Get Rid of Dust

Dust is everywhere and the worst thing is that you cannot really see it. It lives with you and there is no way how to get rid of it for good. We’re going to tell you how to fight a dust and why.

Most of the dust you can find on the floor. If you have a carpet you should vacuum it often. Dust contains the sporres, fungi, bacteria, polles, dust mites and their excrement and I bet that’s nothing you want in your home. A suprisingly large percentage of dust is human skin cells! Dust is most dangerous when it floats in the air and you breathe it.

How to get rid of a dust for lazy ones:

1. Buy robotic vacuum cleaner and turn it on at least once a week in every single room you have.
2. Wipe a dust with wet napkins.
3. Order cleaning of carpets at least once a year. Why not with The Brighton Cleaning Company?
4. Always put your clothes to the wardrobe. It helps.

How to get rid of dust for people who like cleaning:

1. Buy a special glove for wiping dust.
2. Clean your keybord regulary.
3. Reduce fabric in your home.
4. Often wash your small carpets.
5. Wash leaves of all your plants at least once a week

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