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Types of Mattresses

According to surveys, 45% of people sleep about eight hours a day. Quality and healthy sleep is the source of true rest which is essential for regenerative processes.

The base of each bed is particularly good mattress. Currently you can choose from several types of foam mattresses.

Coal foam is produced by cold technology its advantage is the dimensional stability, long life and excellent breathability. It works well on any hard surface and it is suitable for people with allergies.

Bio Foam is also produced from natural oils , especially from castor general whose healing properties were used in ancient Egypt. Bio foam perfectly mirrors the shape of spine because it can effeciently distribute pressure. Open pores provide excellent breathability and moisture management.

Lazy foam is a product of NASA research. Its life is not verified as it is very new thing.

Latex mattresses of rubber is extra lasting (up to 20 years).

All mattresses are manufacturated without the harmful substances and the kernel does not contain formaldehyde. An interesting innovation are mattresses that include layers of coconut or a mixture of different materials.


Ordinary mattresses are not very breathable so accumulating moisture and are a potential home for mold and other scum. It is almost ipossible to deep clean and get rid of unwanted microorganisms. Lot of people want mattresses from natural materials nowadays as these are environmentally friendly and high-quality.

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