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What To Do If You Drop Your iPhone In Water

The biggest enemy of electronics is water. No doubt about that. Even if your iPhone, iPad or iPod falls into the water there’s still a chance of saving it. There are simple steps for your phone, tablet etc. Personally I believe it is worth to come to Apple store and have it checked by experts. You will not be the first or the last person with this problem.

When phone falls into the water, take it our as soon as possible.

Do not shake the phone because as you could make it even worse.

Dry the surface of the phone with a cloth or paper towel.

Take some uncooked rice and pour it into a bag or into a bowl.

Place your phone in plastic bag or bowl with rice and make sure whole phone is “hidden” in the rice.

Leave it for 24-48 hours. Then you should take it out of the rice and try turn the device on. If anything happen to any part and you will use it anyway then there is a big chance that your device will die soon or later. So if you wanna be 100% sure that your phone will work well for long time and not only for few months then I recomment to bring phone in bag with rice to the service.

If you decide not to give your phone to service leave it for at least 48 hours in a rice and then try to turn it on. Once your phone actually start to work and everything seems ok you can try to connect to the charger.

Good Luck!

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